Agentless *NEW*


Agentless is more

No agent on guest machines

Backup an unlimited number of virtual machines from a single host without installing any software on any of the guest machines.

How does it work?

No agent on host machines

Backing up all the VMs from the host doesn’t require software installation on the host machine either! Install ActiveImage Protector Virtual to a machine on the network connected to the hypervisor and the storage device.

Instant switch-over in case of disasters

vStandby technology creates and maintains standby virtual machines from backup images for instant availability in case of disaster!

Deduplication across VMs

Choose between 3 levels of block-based deduplication to be applied across all virtual machines from the hypervisor and reduce storage requirements by as much as 75% to onsite, offsite or Cloud storage.

Centralized management console for both agent-based & agentless control

Manage all ActiveImage Protector clients from a central place on the network, independently of the machine it protects: physical and virtual machines, agent-based, host-based, and agentless!

Automatically check “restorability” with live backup tests

Verify backup integrity: set and forget live tests for backup “bootability” using BootCheck and get notified in case of failure. Also, verify backup creation and consistency using automated checks.

Protect from CryptoLocker attacks

Multiple options available to prevent ransomware attacks such as CryptoLocker to access local backups.

Minimal hardware resource requirements

No performance bottleneck of business operations during the backup process due to ActiveImage Protector Virtual minimal hardware resource requirements.

iSCSI support

Utilizes backup images as iSCSI targets to any local or remote iSCSI initiator for attaching backup images as local disks, and for seamlessly migrating live virtual machines booted from the iSCSI disk to a hypervisor.

Restore across hypervisors

NEW HyperRestore™ restores physical or virtual machine backups to dissimilar hypervisors for more recovery flexibility and easier migrations.


Be DisasterReady and boot any point-in-time backup image (full or incremental) as a virtual machine in minutes, providing an alternative availability solution to bridge the gap between disaster and recovery.

Eliminate business downtime caused by lengthy physical to virtual conversions or restore processes.

Backup to single file

Backup multiple VMs into a single backup image for easier management and storage.

Compatible with ActiveVisor monitoring

Works seamlessly with the ActiveVisor centralised console for managing ActiveImage Protector clients.

Compatible with ImageCenter replication

Replicate backup files to unlimited onsite, offsite or Cloud targets using the free ImageCenter add-on.

Agentless backup support for VMware ESXi & Microsoft Hyper-V

Supports incremental backup technology from Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware VMware ESXi without the need for an agent or driver installed on the host or guest machine.

Use it as agent-based for any hypervisor

Extremelly flexible, ActiveImage Protector Virtual can also be used as agent-based backup solution for any hypervisor to protect Windows and Linux machines.

  • Minimizes the use of CPU and memory resources
    Typical agent-based backup of virtual machines consume large amounts of CPU and memory resources during various stages of backup. The HyperAgent, installed on a remote machine, runs the tasks minimizing the consumption of CPU and memory resources on host and guest machines. HyperAgent on Microsoft Storage Server achieves highly efficient storage driven virtual machine backups.
  • Supports Microsoftʼ s resilient change tracking
    For incremental backups of Hyper-V virtual machines.
  • Actiphyʼs advanced VHDX block Delta
    Actiphyʼs Advanced VHDX Block Delta (AVBD) technology makes  incremental backups of VMs without the need for an agent or driver  installed on the Hyper-V host.