We are a Managed Service Provider and we have been offering a lot of IT services, including Backup as a Service, during many years. In order to fulfil the requirements of our clients, we have been working with various vendors but we had decided it was time for us to reduce the number of vendors and streamline our backup solutions, without reducing the quality of our services.
We also added a fourth criteria while evaluating all these solutions: the quality of the received technical support, because if there is an IT disaster and one of our technician doesn’t manage to restore the client’s system alone, we wanted a good support.
Besides that, we remember the professional and close relationship we had with Mrs. Rösler, who had initially advised us about Actiphy backup and disaster recovery solutions.
Actiphy has also organised certification courses that our company has attended and they have proven to be very beneficial in helping our technicians support our clients.
Thank you to the Actiphy team.