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Tokyo – On July 1, 2020 NetJapan, A Leading Publisher Of Backup, Disaster Recovery, And Virtualization Software Becomes Actiphy, Inc

Our state-of-the-art backup, disaster recovery, and virtualization technology, has been a leading software solution for nearly a quarter century. In changing our name to Actiphy we will expand our sales network with a renewed focus on global markets.


Founded in 1996, we began developing and distributing an image-based backup software solution. Since that time, we’ve introduced a number of leading-edge technologies to the Japanese markets. Our flagship product, ActiveImage Protector has become a major system backup and disaster recovery solution in the global markets.

As the use of big data accelerates, networks evolve, malware proliferates, AI, and IoT technologies emerge, the value of data backup and recovery increases exponentially. By taking advantage of our broad range of technologies, we will continue to innovate upon our existing data protection solutions.

As we continue to take on new challenges in the development of one-of-a-kind technologies to make a difference in the world we want our new company name, Actiphy, to reflect our determination to remain ”Swift, Active and Reliable”.

New Company Name and Logo Design:

  1. The Name
    Actiphy is a portmanteau of the words Active and Rectify. Active meaning “engaged in progress, motion or action” and rectify meaning to “set right or make correct.”
  2. The Logo
    The logo color refers to “Fireman” red associated with rescue and disaster recovery.。


New company name video presentation.

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